let’s manifest

what is sex magic?

sex magic, simply put, is using your latent and propelled sacral energy to manifest things you want. in have been offering slower, more sensual edging sessions that combine touch, eye contact, mild repetition, exploration, reiki with edging and sensation play to bring you to a more powerful orgasm to help you:
–change habits.
–manifest things you crave.
–feel more deeply.
—learn to walk the edge.
–experience true pleasure/more bliss.
–learn how to control/relinquish control

many that have booked me experience longer, slower sessions (unless otherwise specified), but this month I am offering something specifically that ties mild hypnosis into it. it’s not a script and it’s not blatant. it is interwoven with touch, feel and eye contact.

this month only: 650 for a ninety minute session.

book now: catarinakush484@pm.me

experience the letting go of control, directives, and relaxation. i am an actual reiki master who has been practicing mild hypnosis and sacral manifestation for years