hypnosis sessions

benefits of hypnosis:

triggers to help you relax.
visualization to return to in times of stress.
suffuses trigger word, sound, or mantra with self to produce desired effect.
pulls from subconscious to heal self, not external trigger.

the myth of hypnosis is that people use it to control others’ minds, dictate others’ actions, or use it to our gain. i have been self hypnotizing myself since I was a child with the use of media, namely music, and phrases or sensation. by touching or twisting an object a certain way, i was able to transport myself a certain place or to a certain time. i have been privately teaching myself for years how to use this for healing, specifically. as a child, the goal was foreign to me, unrevealed. now, i see how imagination, repetition and sensation can heal the root of trauma or begin to open you to the healing journey. it’s a tool.

I recently opened myself to doing a script with my therapist for my jaw. it only took one session but I stopped clenching my jaw during the day. i am preparing myself to do another script for my nightly bruxism. 

it takes patience, repetition, time. reiki helps people relax and helps someone outside of yourself move energy, clear blockages and help you focus. i have begun to offer more trance sessions that evoke imagery with spoken word, music, mild repetition and soft triggers to help kick habits. it is gentle and imbued with light.

i am offering this with massage or companionship sessions. must consent to hypnosis, must relinquish control to me.