i am booking sensation play, tantra, and foreplay sessions.

my focus is sensate. touch and gaze. i practice light hypnosis and deep hypnosis with consent. my practice is informed by my reiki training and practice. touch is the barrier between humans. my goal as a provider this year is to explore deeper kinks and deeper orgasms. while i book “normal” companion sessions, I will bring lots of touch and breathing and delayed orgasm into practice.I am also now offering microdose sessions 2-3 hour sessions only. must have experience with drugs. i help teach men;

–to edge themselves.
–to control urges.
–to submit to women.
–to explore their kinkier selves.
–verbal consent.
–how to make consent sexy.
–how to navigate and negotiate switch play.
–how to utilize breathing, touch and eye contact.
–better foreplay practices.
—better emotional regulation.
—better communication with women.
–deep healing.
–how to use drugs to facilitate openings.

i’m into anything but I am always an alpha. I practice switch and drug play with only those I know. I am open to answering questions in code and discreetly. i cannot discuss anything overtly.