Winter Solstice ritual

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Happy Winter Solstice! Want to encourage everyone to get ready tomorrow by lighting a candle and writing all of your spring intentions and burying them somewhere in the yard. If you don’t have a yard, hiding them in house or plant is good too. No need to dig it up again as it will grow. Winter Solstice is for Hecate and the fox, and the wolves as well. It is a time of crossroads. Nesting. Hiding out. Comfort. Hermit. Go deep, and then when you can hit the bottom, dig deeper. 

The card for the season is 3 of swords and justice, both reversed. You are healing from major trauma and betrayal. It is hard for you to trust. Fair. In all fairness, we shouldn’t be giving all of our gifts away and should have boundaries with the universe. Line the bed with tourmaline, charcoal salt. Light rosemary. Visualize your house wrapped in black barb and white light. Become impenetrable. Become impervious to fight.  And light a black candle. To ward. And light a white candle. To bring home.

When lightning the candle, chant to Hecate over and over, fast, so it all runs together. Visualize a frozen lake, walking across of it and dogs on the other side. You begin to walk across, protected. Then begin to slowly touch yourself as you are breathing. Visualize me crawling towards you, drool dripping down. Visualize me right below you. Visualize my tongue tracing up and down your dick.  Cupping the balls. Swallowing the head slowly. You are breathing. Chanting to Hecate. You are watching me tongue you playfully. Enchanted. Lip bubble spit decanting onto your tip and then I swallow you whole. Over and over and over. Replay this over and over. 

When you cum, offer it to Hecate. But wait. Edge yourself first. Go as long as you can go. And when you can’t go anymore, keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

And light the fucking candles. 

As always, XXXmas is here and I should be spoiled.

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Happy haunting!