Happy Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox and welcome to Aries season! This is my favorite time of the year–when everything is just starting to open and blossom, days are longer, meandering about town through parks and fields is the norm. Is expected of all of us. Is required. And just in the distance, a constant dog bark.

My 9th house holds Aries which means I’m an independent, fiery, optimistic, make-my-own path, free to be who I am kind of person who defends the right of others to be who they want to be also. A forward thinker. Assertive. Wants everyone to be authentic and tell it like it is. I encourage you to look at your chart to see where your Aries falls: https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php or google what “9th house) means.

 Every season, I come up with 4-5 affirmations, starting a new one each week that coordinates with the energy of the season and where that particular zodiac falls in my chart. It’s a little too nebulous to explain entirely but I find that coming up with goals for each season, each year, each month, each week to really satisfy the constant moving Virgo brain of mine facilitates a deeper inner healing while remaining true to my analytical nature. I love dawdling through the hallways of philosophy and personal growth.Making lists, setting goals, checking in with my lists and planner every morning really helps me. It  may not work for everyone but it’s a suggestion that today you spend time ridding yourself of some of the baggage, bad habits and negative thought patterns winter brought on. My goal for spring is to remain buoyant, optimistic, nourish myself and be more tactical in my approach to life. Be more intentional with my direction in life. My goal for this week is to appreciate the small pleasures in life: the cat’s nose on my hand, the taste of Yerba Mate, the sun shining through the cherry blossoms.

The card of the season is The Queen of Cups–fruitful, artistic, intuitive and kind. She is a prophet of sorts. Empathic with boundaries. Giving without self sabotage. If you are looking for a ritual, I encourage cleaning out everything that is no longer needed and donating or trashing. Lighting a candle to Brigid and Hekate. Setting a spring intention and burying it in a plant or jar outside, maybe with seeds or garlic cloves, and watering it daily. The act of ritual is an act of devotion to self preservation and intention. Ninety percent of success is just from simply believing it to be true. If you don’t have a backyard, invest in a plant. If you don’t want to invest in a plant, invest in a corner of your room and set the intention in a jar and add a coin to it every day. By Autumn Equinox, see how much you’ve gotten and prepare for the harvest of the bounty. And if you don’t believe in any of this bullshit, just book me cuz you know I’m not. 

Also,my old twitter was suspended. My new account is CatarinaKush. As always, I am accepting monetary contributions and gifts to apologize for the untoward closure of my money-making account. I am also excited to soft announce I will be starting my own business in the herbal and healing realm and am always raising funds to help fund my store and training starting in fall to slowly transition to a different line of work. Lists and payment apps at allmylinks.com/catkush

If you’re waiting to book, now is absolutely the time. I have many plans to get deep in,
get the gold,

get solidly out.

Happy Spring!