International Womens Day

we see their happy posts today and we see
their allyship and we see these men dispose of us.
get rid of us when we become too difficult.
we see their mulish faces back away
when our fingers get too close
pointing out an egregious fault.
or asking them to stop,
asking them to stop interrupting us.
asking them to stop when we say no

(no then they come closer, when we say no, no is an opener)

we see their gaslighting.
we see them ogle us then shun us when emotion starts to spur
and we see them watch us with a wolfish, only half repentant smile.
we see them lurk around our houses.
we see them agress, encroach, make sure there is no less than 1 foot between us at all time,
even three inches as we try to pass them on the street.
see them grab our friends.
feel their fingers up our skirt.
we see them rehearse their favorite line “not me”
“not us” shh
but you just ghosted me and you assure her,
she is different. not like us. we see their time more valuable,
presence more valuable,
we see them publicly rate our bodies.
suddenly disappear in the midst of making plans.
we see their little holes mouth slut and we see
their devil red eyes when we cough the seventh no.
(because no means come closer. remember that part of this
poem if you remember nothing else. to men, no is a conversation starter).

we see their well meaning business advice, health advice,
they are experts at everything we are not.
we see them never donate.
we see them never tip.
we see them not give A FUCK about something called
painful bladder syndrome or PPMD or
anything that doesn’t affect a dick so there is no
funding, and no cure, and no reason why five million
people suffer daily, monthly but I have once rolled in a literal pile of
free Viagra and laughed. it was so plentiful
his swollen cock and balls in me for hours.

we see them interrupt us.
we see them follow us home.
we see them neg,
leave airtags in bags and under
cars and we see them trail their fingers over palms
at bars when she didn’t mumble a word. and they love to
troll, stomp their feet–
littly baby bulls!
and snort.
little baby pies.
we see retorts.
(not all men.)
oh sure.
not you.
not us, they say in chorus.
a real shrill choir of sorts which
they saw shrill is reserved for girls.
but when a bunch of a babies scream at once,
I’d say that’s shrill. or at least not tough.

I see them come this way always mouth open
and always the triumph.
(you’ll never meet a man with this kind of verse).
oh, sure I nod to the 20 million waiting in my backyard.
I’d kill to lose a few. (laughter from one side).
They say ill never land a man with my

there must be some kind of
lack of mirror in the world
as we have to tell them where they are wrong.
it seems we are all they see
but they have never in their life
taken a look at that unkempt part in their head,
or that unkept part of their amends:
we will treat you as our daughters and mothers.


I fear for their daughters and mothers.

happy international day of women! may we file our nails
into sharp points, and kinda do a come hither and then let em
sit on em,
dig into em.