“Well they should know when they hire a witch they aren’t going to have a normal day.”


what it means to be a top

advertising is hard under the patriarchy. we are forced to check little boxes. little checks to say we are “dominant” or “submissive” or “natural” or “tomboy” or “foot friendly” or “fill in patriarchal standard of consumption here”

what it means to be a top is that I prefer to be in control; to have control relinquished to me when I walk in. it does not mean I always am physically on top. I am not going to waste my energy doing all of the work.

what it means to be a top is I set boundaries, rules, guide the meeting. tops who are good at what they do may appear to be submissive at times. they are not.

what it means to be a top is I enforce consent. we discuss details at the beginning. we set terms and limits. we then have fun.

what it means to be a top is I end things when I want. when I need to. I hypnotize as I want. I tease as I want. I stop and ask what you need as I want. I give you what you want as I WANT.

it doesn’t mean I show up with a whip. I am a doe, a hard doe in a forest. a fox. a spider. a butterfly. a shapeshifter

what it means to be a top is that I am getting what I want without exerting much effort and you are leaving fulfilled, hypnotized and ready for more. I am the witch of your dreams. you dont need to direct me. and subs, if you want me, you better act right. I don’t care what you want. it’s about what I need.