Aquarius season–Ace of Swords

My second pull for #aquariusseason—that I’ve pulled four times, the #aceofswords a great omen for the age of Aquarius.
There is a chance, collectively  and on an individual level for change and mew beginnings but it requires discernment. Letting something go or cutting through to a deeper part of something else. While swords are seen as intellect, there’s really nothing smarter than trusting your intuition.
When I feel pressed to change but can’t,
I spend days writing in a notebook. Asking myself questions. Writing out things I enjoy. What’s weighing me down. Writing is a tool I use to break through my trauma, access depth and see the parable. I journal.
I write my dreams down every morning. I wrote poetry and fiction. I write things like this. For me, the tongue is the sword. The only way out is through and it’s true, you see things twice—as they happen, then distorted w reflection.
This is a time of accountability and reflection. Am I going to practice peace or am I ready to go to war?

rose potion

Today we made a rose oil potion from the flowers from my fathers altar. A mason jar with two table spoons of dried rose petals, a rose quartz stone, rose and lavender oil and a pinch of basil. We said encouraging words to him as we filled the jar w rose petals and then we filled his my giants mug w ashes.


First we smell the roses, then we pluck them. Then we dry the roses. Then we sob and light the candle. .


Rub the potion on your heart and forehead whenever you feel sad again. Or wear a locket around your neck w all your mens bones. Write the poem. Light the candle.

want an herbal bath this winter? ask. I am going to be trying new herbs and using new flowers. this month’s bath is rose, lavender, mugwort and chamomile.