February Special

“An opportunity for happiness:
earth we cannot possess
only experience.”

–louise gluck

now booking for February. book by Valentine’s Day, even if the appt is after,  to get 100 off a ninety or two hour appt. 50 off for an hour appt if I have already seen you. 20% off all skype dates through Vday as well.​

I am also running another hypnotic vid special: 25 for each clip. some will be new, some will be old. dealer’s choice.

happy Valentine’s Day and if
your heart is elsewhere,
no bother;
mine is often.

“An opportunity for happiness:
earth we cannot possess
only experience.”

–louise gluck

now booking for February. book by Valentine’s Day to get 100 off a ninety or two hour appt. 50 off for an hour appt if I have already seen you.

happy Valentine’s Day and if
your heart is elsewhere,
no bother;
mine is often.


i am booking sensation play, tantra, and foreplay sessions.

my focus is sensate. touch and gaze. i practice light hypnosis and deep hypnosis with consent. my practice is informed by my reiki training and practice. touch is the barrier between humans. my goal as a provider this year is to explore deeper kinks and deeper orgasms. while i book “normal” companion sessions, I will bring lots of touch and breathing and delayed orgasm into practice.I am also now offering microdose sessions 2-3 hour sessions only. must have experience with drugs. i help teach men;

–to edge themselves.
–to control urges.
–to submit to women.
–to explore their kinkier selves.
–verbal consent.
–how to make consent sexy.
–how to navigate and negotiate switch play.
–how to utilize breathing, touch and eye contact.
–better foreplay practices.
—better emotional regulation.
—better communication with women.
–deep healing.
–how to use drugs to facilitate openings.

i’m into anything but I am always an alpha. I practice switch and drug play with only those I know. I am open to answering questions in code and discreetly. i cannot discuss anything overtly.


the focus of my year:

respectful gentleman
more spontaneous femdom
more tantra sessions
more nuru and massage sessions
more exploration of kink that centers female domination, not male need
teaching you the art of edging so you can control yourself
sex magic and manifestation
more content that is exactly what i want
friends and community
healthy food
my cats
my pretty fingernails and feet

now offering audio clips

15.00 for 5 minutes
30.00 for ten minutes
45.00 for fifteen minutes

these are soft spoken and sultry clips. email catarinakush484@pm.me i am going to begin a series of hypnotic sleep recordings and morning recordings, will post on OF too


my kink

I have been meaning to write this post forever. This about me. This flowery tale of what I like. This explanation of advertising. This peek into how I got here. I like anything.

That’s the truth.

My partners and I played games. I used to make them submit to my role playing games all the time. Not the regular nurse and sick patient, etc. but just making it up as we go. Introducing new elements. “Now, let’s get the ice cubes,” I’d suddenly say and then I’d swallow them with my hot mouth gone algid. Or I’d make them close their eyes until I said a certain innocuous word like “ok, dog’ and they’d pop them open to see what position I was in. I’d swat them if they touched me during the “hands off” game. “Ok, cat” and then they’d close their eyes again.

I have tried to introduce these games to my clients now but it is hard to advertise that you enjoy “making game up as you go.” That’s precisely it though. And my regulars get to see this side of me more. I ask for discreet likes so i can build on who you are and we can have fun together but I enjoy the spontaneity of teasing; suddenly presenting the flogger when there was no flogger before, to add an element of ploy to our tryst. I clearly had my own agenda all along. My regulars also see my more sensual and wigless side where I focus on the teachings of tantra to build the bond between us.

I like anything but I like the joy that comes from having an open mind and introducing elements into play based on personalities. I’ve outlined it several times: tease, tongues, gaze, dirty talk, instruments, light restraint, etc. but does anyone really understand what that means in motion? What does it mean to want to be in charge? It means I don’t like bossy bottoms. I will do scripted play so long as you allow room for creativity to enter. Ask anyone who has bought a custom from me. You very much are able and allowed to dictate but it better be brief and an outline. It’s not fun to do such detailed scenes. It’s not fun to walk into a pre-set date.

My job does not stick to a checklist but a nebulous feeling. Do you want to feel held? Do you want to feel teased? Do you want to feel slutty? Do you want to feel feminized? Do you want to feel both taken care of and dominated with force? First sessions are never that simple. I have people who see me monthly or every two or three months and our bond only gets stronger. I prefer long games: long dates, seeing people more frequently and am beginning to open to more sexual surrogacy services. Getting to know people assists more in how well the evening goes than a detailed email sent beforehand.

I am refusing to be boxed in to a check list. I offer both companionship and domination. My intensity never wavers but I present harsher online to deter certain people, and in person, an angelic sadist. I can develop very fast connections to people and tap into their energy to read the situation better. I repeat this often: things are only as interesting as we both make them. i am encouraging men to explore themselves little by little and be honest about needs while challenging the oppressive side of themselves that says they have to be demanding to be heard. I don’t take demands.

I am a witch and an energy reader. I like games, making them up, teasing men, and playing with different toys to enhance the game. The game is in my persona and speech more than the toys I use or lingerie I use. Feel free to bring your own toys or buy me a costume to wear, but this is not just about liberation from the tyrannical patriarchy but liberation from the shame of sex that was generationally inherited. Fun comes in many forms and if I hold anything close to my chest from childhood it’s that the most fun I ever had is when there was room to make it up.

I hope this clears up some mystery about me. Please stay up with me on twitter where I share glimpses of myself more frequently. I am open to many kinks and my biggest kink is playing games we make up on the spot.

hypnosis sessions

benefits of hypnosis:

triggers to help you relax.
visualization to return to in times of stress.
suffuses trigger word, sound, or mantra with self to produce desired effect.
pulls from subconscious to heal self, not external trigger.

the myth of hypnosis is that people use it to control others’ minds, dictate others’ actions, or use it to our gain. i have been self hypnotizing myself since I was a child with the use of media, namely music, and phrases or sensation. by touching or twisting an object a certain way, i was able to transport myself a certain place or to a certain time. i have been privately teaching myself for years how to use this for healing, specifically. as a child, the goal was foreign to me, unrevealed. now, i see how imagination, repetition and sensation can heal the root of trauma or begin to open you to the healing journey. it’s a tool.

I recently opened myself to doing a script with my therapist for my jaw. it only took one session but I stopped clenching my jaw during the day. i am preparing myself to do another script for my nightly bruxism. 

it takes patience, repetition, time. reiki helps people relax and helps someone outside of yourself move energy, clear blockages and help you focus. i have begun to offer more trance sessions that evoke imagery with spoken word, music, mild repetition and soft triggers to help kick habits. it is gentle and imbued with light.

i am offering this with massage or companionship sessions. must consent to hypnosis, must relinquish control to me.