what i like

–gentle arguing about philosophy
–earl gray tea
–slow sensation play
–the build up
–hearing men say my name
—sparkling water
–hearing men beg
—strong coffee
–hearing men finish
–dirty talk
—neon wand
–wooden toys
–watching you touch yourself
–watching you finish yourself

what I want

–doting subs
–wishlist items
–well articulated introduction emails
–screening info
—respectful gentleman who love confident women
—men who like to play games
—men who say please and thank you
—-men who hold doors
—men who buy vegan women nice vegan meals
—art museum dates
—boys to paddle
— a vegan leather riding crop
–a new computer
—men who give generously
–men who read the bio
—boys to cane
—alphas who know how to play sub
–rest and relaxation