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help support a sw witch and buy her other stuff. I do more than this. I do divination. fellow SW get a 20% discount on all services.

mugwort tincture, 10.00: shipping including (w alcohol or glycerin). good for dream recall, insomnia, anxiety, digestion problems, lucid dreaming, protection and channeling. 5-7 drops nightly for one to two weeks, with two weeks off. full supermoon in leo altar. a tincture to tap into your inner witch. fellow sw always receive 20% discount.

lavender and rose “love” spray, 10.00: shipping included. lavender, rose and ylang ylang with water and witch hazel. a room spray. good for bed/pillows. helps calm, relax and heighten “pink” feelings, or feelings of love. set the mood. 20% off for all sw.

tarot readings: online, over skype or recorded or in person (if you’re local):
25.00 for 15 minutes//50 for 45 minutes.

I have been practicing tarot for years and pull cards every morning. I am offering tarot readings over skype session, recorded or in person (if you’re local). Email to set up appt.

reiki & tarot session, 150.00

75 minute reiki session with tarot included. I don’t like to advertise reiki because of the inherent appropriation but I have been doing it for almost six years. I see it more as channeling combined with therapeutic touch and that many have access to these skills. it is more a matter of empathy, intuition and a desire to help others heal that indicates whether your touch can be used as healing. to qualify myself, however, in white woman land, I am a certified reiki master teacher/practitioner. do I agree with this community? no. I do practice witchcraft though and I do still practice the act of touch to channel.

includes a moon ritual and closing ritual. for fellow SW, I open my space. for men, you can book this as a stand alone; this is only reiki and tarot. no extra.

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to purchase, email this is the only preview I will give. there are several along this style as well as lingerie and nudes. all come with a special spell. one for 10.00, three for 25.00. or subscribe to to see electronically

panty requests, shoe requests and stocking requests via email only.

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