duo partners

if youre’ cold….so are they. bring them inside.

Molly and I have a great dynamic. we are friends who teach each other. how to soften. how to toughen. how to play. how to tower over you with eyes of fire and how to melt beneath with the same gaze. we are altogether soft but we are always both teasing. rates are 1200 total for an hour, 2200 for two hours. email Catarinakush484@pm.me to screen, deposit and book.

now if you want to let me boss my bratty sub in front of you around. make her do things to you. make you do things to her? if you want to watch mommy punish little bratty baby, Kira and I are the right team for you xx. check out her twitter at twitter.com/kiracrashxxx and send me an email at catarinakush484@pm.me. rates are 1200 total for an hour, 2000 for two hours.