Talk to me:

First things first. You probably are so eager to see me you won’t even read the rest (though you should) but hey I love a surprise and to surprise. Go ahead and send me an email at with your name, linkedin or drivers license, and 1-2 recent (in past year) provider references with their website and email. Tell me what you are looking for–a sweet sultry experience, to learn to walk the edge, or an old fashioned ass spanking.

You will receive an auto reply reminding you to fill in anything you missed. I am a very busy bee. I only take last minute appointments for double the amount. IT’s worked for some though!

Eager to see more beforehand:

check out for all my clip sites and social media. Buy a vid (or four) or send me a gift to court (I’m vegan, no leather please!)

I am a real witch, companion, healer, alpha lioness.
I am a certified reiki master/teacher practitioner, doula, social worker and herbalist.
I enjoy and practice daily divination.
I believe in altar; crafting regular spells and intentions for myself and others.
I work with planetary movements.
I practice reiki and tarot daily.
I am always a dominant and prefer to take the lead.
I like games, talking slowly, gaze.
I like the erotic nature of power and desire.
I like orgasm control.
I like teaching men to walk the edge.
I like costumes and roleplay.
I like sensation play.
I like the way men squirm in bondage tape.
I like the way men who wear blindfolds beg.
I like my long nails tracing your skin.
I like the way a flash of my tongue renders you senseless.
I like being adored and complimented,
and I like wearing all my men
like swords. I’m only more powerful
when I cum.

Because of my healing and empathic nature, I am able to tap into others shadow sides faster and get some kinks out. It is the process, the foreplay, that I enjoy the most. The game.

I offer BDSM, fetish, edging, spell work, microdose, herbal dates and hypnosis dates as well as the most basic vanilla companionship (with a little bit of a dominant woman appeal, you feel?). Please specify discreetly what you are looking for and know that too many overt words will cause me to either block you, dismiss you, or ask you to write it again.

For typical submissive men, I practice unique forms of teasing, including those where I am able to make it up as I go. I like slowness, edging, hypnosis, withholding, talking, light corporal punishment and mild restraint, being worshiped and the word no. I do like to hear men beg and I do love to say no. The demands of submissives are not the demands of me. I don’t take much dictation enjoying the spontaneity that female domination promises.

See for donation.

*consent is mandatory. I review rules at the beginning of every session.

**I keep my regulars and submissives in my favor. Let’s do magic!