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I believe in altar
real witch. companion. healer. alpha. Philadelphia-based. travels often.

I am a certified reiki master/teacher practitioner, doula, social worker, herbalist, witch and surrogate/companion. I most enjoy divination, giving altar to everything I care about, practicing and crafting regular spells and intentions for myself and others, working with planetary movements and manifestation work. I am open to most anything and prefer when both parties are enthusiastic. Because I am a healer, I tend to draw the shadow side out of others and encourage them to explore their kinks and work with their taboos. I am always a dominant and prefer to take the lead, but I am not an average dominant. They call me a power switch; I never totally relinquish control. Preferring regulars and getting to know people, I like to build trust and relationships and have more fun. I like taking my time. I like playing switch when I trust someone. I only play games everyone is excited to play.

For submissive men or those interested in exploring the psychological side of foreplay, I practice unique games and forms of teasing. I like slowness, edging, hypnosis, withholding, talking, light corporal punishment and restraint, being worshiped and saying no. I am both a girlfriend and an angelic sadist. I do like to hear men beg. The demands of submissives are not the demands of me. I don’t take dictation, I make up my own games. You enjoy it anyway.

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*consent is mandatory. I review rules at the beginning of every session.

**I bring regular clients a little altar gift and set intentions every new or full moon cycle for those in my favor. Let’s do magic!

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Include: one to two references with valid website/email. no phone numbers.
your full name, work number, and workplace (for verification only, I don’t use it) or similar verification (picture of drivers license). Deposit required. I don’t have a standby space for newbies so last minute is impossible. 48 hour notice is preferable.

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