I am a real witch, companion, healer, alpha lioness.
I am a certified reiki master/teacher practitioner, doula, social worker and herbalist.
I enjoy and practice daily divination.
I believe in altar; crafting regular spells and intentions for myself and others.
I work with planetary movements.
I practice reiki and tarot daily.
I am always a dominant and prefer to take the lead.
I like games, talking slowly, gaze.
I like the erotic nature of power and desire.
I like orgasm control.
I like teaching men to walk the edge.
I like costumes and roleplay.
I like sensation play.
I like the way men squirm in bondage tape.
I like the way men who wear blindfolds beg.
I like my long nails tracing your skin.
I like the way a flash of my tongue renders you senseless.
I like being adored and complimented,
and I like wearing all my men
like swords. I’m only more powerful
when I cum.

Because of my healing and empathic nature, I am able to tap into others shadow sides faster and get some kinks out. It is the process, the foreplay, that I enjoy the most. The game.

For typical submissive men, I practice unique forms of teasing, including those where I am able to make it up as I go. I like slowness, edging, hypnosis, withholding, talking, light corporal punishment and mild restraint, being worshiped and the word no. I do like to hear men beg and I do love to say no. The demands of submissives are not the demands of me. I don’t take much dictation enjoying the spontaneity that female domination promises.

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*consent is mandatory. I review rules at the beginning of every session.

**I bring regular clients a little altar gift and set intentions every new or full moon cycle for those in my favor. Let’s do magic!

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