long games

going steady:

I can’t help it, I am bit of a romantic. I love a man who likes to take me out, show me off, dine me, unwind me, fly me to him and show me thorough appreciation. I like having non monogamy, many boyfriends and lots of attention. I am a Leo Moon after all. I came here for the constant admiration. if you are looking for a steady companion, I’m your girl. let’s start w a short game and build some trust, shall we? many things get better w time. access to my secret menu comes w longer games, including the beautiful act of bonding, you and me both.

submissive and training:

for those who want a priestess’ favor, I do vet regulars to serve my needs. everyone starts with a short game. pick yours and I will see if you have what it takes to be one of my beloveds at my feet. I use classical Pavlovian conditioning and positive reinforcement. negative reinforcement comes in the form of ice. I do have devices we can use but as I said, I prefer the meeting of the minds. if you like a cunning, strong woman who can keep direct eye contact, can meet your gaze, can use nothing at all to bewitch you, then I am the priestess for you.

all my men learn magic, incantation, intention, divination, and altar eventually. I favor those who favor me.

are you worthy of my attention?