my bag

Ongoing sensual special in Philadelphia for the rest of February. Come pay altar to the goddess of time, the goddess of wetness, the goddess of play and the impish smile. the minx. the panther. the cheshire cat. I came here to have a good time. I offer:


*herbal rub or bath (depending on location)

*lotion oil massage reiki

*lots of teasing

*lots of foreplay

*blindfold and neon wand play

*sensation play with ribbons

*other toys if interested


*switch play (if I trust you)

I am finally ready to play switch a little bit. First you wear the blindfold, and if you’re feeling it and I trust you, I wear the blindfold. We take our time. You can practice worshiping a goddess by practicing worshiping on me. I love body worship: foot, leg, ass, in between. I love to take my time. Long, slow games. Dirty talk. Foreplay. Rest and edging and all the vanilla and not so vanilla in between. Want some toys? Ask me.

To start, see my website: and email me w your particular kink.

I have paddles, cuffs, light restraints, oils, gags, special instruments, ribbons, herbs, tinctures, candles, wax, and lots of imagination. Ask me for what you want.

I’m not like other dominants. I want things my way and I don’t like when men top from the bottom. I am adept at what I do and need know coaching. I enjoy play. I enjoy this a lot. I like to build relationships and take it slowly. I am not looking to tie you down and degrade you. I am looking to tease you my way, learning what you want, doling it out little by little. I am a companion and a dominant. I like exploring kinks but I like getting what I want. Men are rewarded who follow my rules.

Things I REALLY like: dfk, daty, cim, cof, 6 and 9, bbj, edging, hypnosis, mind control, foreplay, sensation play, teasing, talking, being dirty, games, paddle, hands on and hands off of me, blindfold, light humiliation, telling you about other men and fun. Oh and tarot.


500/hr gfe, 600/90, 700/2

worship me, not fs:

world domination: 400/hr (I give you your special power kink, peg, paddle, restraint, etc.)

body rub: 350/hr plus 50.00 for lip service

I am a real reiki master. I end every session with reiki. I offer msog every time. NO GREEK. NO BBFS.

again: read and check my switter: catarinakush or twitter: catarinakush or IG: CatarinaKush for more about me. Yes, I fuck with men for fun online. don’t let that scare you. that’s just findom world.

see my other revews on TNA (find on switter)

Email me at to set appt up.

See switter: catarinakush for more pics, info about me and details. All donations are non negotiable. No half hours. I EXPECT DONATION IF YOU CANCEL.

*I always wear wigs*

don’t be scared. I am the fox that only bites when asked or provoked.

subverting femdom from the male gaze

When I say I am a domme, I mean

I am an alpha.
I am the top.
I am assertive.
I am direct.
I ask for what I want.
I tell men what I want.
I tell clients what I like.
I propose ideas.
I play games.
I dole out things you like little by little.
I enjoy reward and punishment.
I like to try out experimental kinks on human men.
I like experiments.
I am the Leo and I am in

It does not mean:
I don’t like to be spanked.
I don’t like to be on the bottom.
I don’t like to get off with men.
I don’t like to provide for men.
I don’t like to please men.
I don’t wear what men like.
I don’t play games men like.

I like long mind games, regular submissives that are open to developing a relationship w me and open to letting me take charge, doling out both reward and punishment as I see fit. I am not interested in meeting your demands in a short hour for some small coins. I don’t own a dungeon and don’t plan to. I don’t plan to spend our session tying you up so I can do all the work, teasing and stressing you out. I demand worship. I want every client I meet, sub or not, to worship me first and all have succeeded. I came here to attract a very certain type of person: one that understands that a woman in control, who embodies the domme, who embodies the goddess, is to be respected and revered and only then can you have a sensual time, and one that enjoys sensuality, foreplay, games, and fun. Not every client is a sub. All have respected me. All have a good time. I don’t need you to shrink under my feet and call me Mistress. My name is Cat. I want you to look me in the eye, tell me what you want and watch me deliver perfectly without prissy demands. Without begging me to walk you around the block on a leash. I will do those things when I want. It is about restorative justice. It is about gold and what I want. You get nothing for free. I am here to promote the maturation of a findom game.

Femdom has been controlled by the desires of submissives since female domination grew as a form of sex work. We have donned latex and whips for the male gaze. There are many who enjoy certain aspects of domination, specifically pain, but not every single dominatrix acts the same way. Not every provider acts the same way. Just because you pay us, doesn’t mean you own us. Just because you pay us, doesn’t mean you are in charge and can tell us what to do. Just because you play sub, doesn’t mean the power is all yours. This is a relationship, power shared, joint agreement. I won’t do anything on command. I will give men what they like because I like it.

I am a slow, sensual, tantric alpha lover. When I meet w people, I get to know them, look them in the eye and develop a relationship first. I will humiliate and degrade you but you better earn it: confess your sins or piss me off. I am not working on your time. When I first started I made it clear. I came here to pull secrets from your teeth and punish you for them. All of you have hurt women. Admit it. This is a a real game: the restorative justice game. I don’t play any game I can’t win and I don’t work on your time.

Those that disrespect me and don’t make amends, are banished forever. Those that work well w me are rewarded handsomely.

When I say I am a domme, I mean I am a sorceress. I am skilled in psychic ability and hypnosis. My prowess grows from the occult. I am soft and hard. I am sensual and demanding. I am tantra. I am the game.