just had a lovely sensual and teaching session. I am more interested in what turns someone on then being into “one thing” which i realize confuses you but simply put: if it gets your dick hard, i’m into it.

we were into: synced breathing eye contact slow movements delayed cum

(connect with what turns you on)

i get turned on by your want for me, or your want to submit and be tortured by me.


who am I?

I have been getting so many inquiries and I want to clear up a few things.

I am a kinky provider, alpha and dominant leaning. I offer a variety of services that are listed as plainly as I can list them on my site. Due to obvious reasons, you will in some cases, have to read between the lines. I offer companionship and domination. I also offer a mix of the two together. My motivation is playful mischief rather than total sadism, though I am a bit of a sadist at times. I am also a switch and will switch, over time, for those I have seen a few times and trust.

I also love witchcraft, sex magic and the sensual side.

If you are coming to me because you have a fetish and I don’t fit into your fetish of what a dominant witch should be doing, you are not submissive, sir, you have a fetish. While I do entertain fetishes and often enjoy exploring others’ kinky sides, I am not interested in being dictated to in an order to accommodate your every capricious need. If you have read my site, then you know that I am also here to teach cishet men how to practice consent and behave. I am more challenging than a softer GFE but just as wet.

I am soft.

I am also edgy.

I am assertive.

I am able to set boundaries.

I enjoy men who listen.

If you are confused, read it again.

If you are still confused, go follow my onlyfans.com/catarinakush or twitter.com/the_hard_fox to see how playful I am.

If you are not looking for a mischievous, playful fox, seek elsewhere.

If you like this, email me catarinakush484@pm.me with 1-2 references and linkedin or ID to screen. Deposits required.

now booking for June!

I am here until June 25. I am looking for clients that like alphas.

explore your kinky side.

get edged.

prolong an orgasm.
use prolonged orgasm to

earn my trust.
watch me switch.
watch me submit
to you

i am very excited to start advertising again:
i am vaccinated.
have a new large space.
am looking to host longer dates and overnights.
am focused on the healing aspects of sex and bdsm.
would like to incorporate more of my reiki training and caregiving into sessions.
am horny.



Talk to me:
Include: one to two references with valid website/email. no phone numbers.
your full name, work number, and workplace or LinkedIn (for verification only) or similar verification (picture of drivers license, passport). Deposit (non-refundable) required for all appointments. Cancellations within 48 hours–I expect donation in full to be sent to me.

Look at me:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/catarinakush
onlyfans.com/catarinakush for videos and more pics.
See my stores:
catkush.manyvids.com (purchase individually or become a member for 50.00 a month and stream all of them)

send me money: c8shapp $catkush

I make customs xx too

Aquarius season–Ace of Swords

My second pull for #aquariusseason—that I’ve pulled four times, the #aceofswords a great omen for the age of Aquarius.
There is a chance, collectively  and on an individual level for change and mew beginnings but it requires discernment. Letting something go or cutting through to a deeper part of something else. While swords are seen as intellect, there’s really nothing smarter than trusting your intuition.
When I feel pressed to change but can’t,
I spend days writing in a notebook. Asking myself questions. Writing out things I enjoy. What’s weighing me down. Writing is a tool I use to break through my trauma, access depth and see the parable. I journal.
I write my dreams down every morning. I wrote poetry and fiction. I write things like this. For me, the tongue is the sword. The only way out is through and it’s true, you see things twice—as they happen, then distorted w reflection.
This is a time of accountability and reflection. Am I going to practice peace or am I ready to go to war?

rose potion

Today we made a rose oil potion from the flowers from my fathers altar. A mason jar with two table spoons of dried rose petals, a rose quartz stone, rose and lavender oil and a pinch of basil. We said encouraging words to him as we filled the jar w rose petals and then we filled his my giants mug w ashes.


First we smell the roses, then we pluck them. Then we dry the roses. Then we sob and light the candle. .


Rub the potion on your heart and forehead whenever you feel sad again. Or wear a locket around your neck w all your mens bones. Write the poem. Light the candle.

want an herbal bath this winter? ask. I am going to be trying new herbs and using new flowers. this month’s bath is rose, lavender, mugwort and chamomile.