short games

300-350: domination sessions, depends on ask.
350: massage & edging
400: lip edging
500: 1 hour
700: 90 minutes
900: 2 hours
1300: 3 hours
1600:4 hours, (dinner package required, at least 1.5 hours of non private time).
2000 (12hrs): overnight
3000: day plus overnight:
4,000 : weekend rate
Duo w Donna ( 450 each, minimum one hour.

**I offer tantra, spell work, microdose, herbal dates and hypnosis dates as well as the most basic companionship. Please specify discreetly what you are looking for and know that too many overt words will cause me to either block you, dismiss you, or ask you to write it again.

Social dates/consultations:

250/hr I also offer social dates that don’t include private time for those who want a girlfriend for hire or to meet me before booking me. This is for dinner/drinks only or movies, museum, plays, etc. Not included as a four hour private time package. If you want private time, please see above rates.

Consultations are usually done during our first game, however, if you would like to meet me before hand I offer a thirty minute consultation for 150.00 with deposit to be made ahead of time or the 250 dinner date.


now on niteflirt:
also available through I want clips:

phone: 2.99 per minute, ten minute minimum
video (20% off if you subscribe to minimum 15 minutes for 50.00, 20 for 75, 30 for 100, 45 for 150 and 200 for an hour
premium snapchat: 100.00, daily chatting. tip for longer.
also available through I want clips: