short games

not everyone is ready for the long, slow game but I give everyone a chance. here are my starting packages. every healing package comes with its own fun. it’s up to you to tell me a little bit about your shadow side to start and I will pull the rest from you. I like exploring and dancing together. I will take the lead if you tell me what you like but please don’t be shy. it takes two to make this tango.

appointments are set on my time. I host once a month and sporadically. need something sooner? deposit required and fifty extra roses and I will set up a special place and session for you. otherwise, you must wait until I host.

for you:
reiki/massage/herbal bath: 350 donation, 1 hour (add 50.00 for bonus massage or nuru massage, inquire within) I am a trained reiki master and fluent in the art of enticing speech. I tease the whole time.
400: dual worship at same time. not full.

full healing (vanilla or swirled, we can do it all):
500: let’s do it all
600: let’s do it all but for ninety minutes
800: let’s do it all but for 2 hours
1000: let’s do it all for 3 hours. *optional: one hour dinner with package. (I am vegan)
1250: let’s do it all for 4 hours, dinner package required.
2000: let’s do it all and overnight!
day donation: 2,500, whole day plus meals on you πŸ˜‰
weekend: 4,000 donation. did I mention I love a good vegan dinner?
fly me to you: same rates apply

*I love giving herbal baths, massages and reiki to people. I begin and end every session with reiki and conversation so everyone feels comfortable****

***rope play: rope play is two hour minimum ****

*extra roses for extras not seen. those can look like: greek yogurt, golden tea and other foods.

for me, and for men who like worship, submitting or psychological games:
now besides you, I care about me. I love worship; being doted on, being cared for, having fun. there are many ways to pay altar to a priestess.

stool: 150 donation for an hour. most who pick this already know me and want to watch me take selfies of myself while I write and text my boyfriends. I have a lot to do and I deserve a place to rest my feet while I work. don’t you agree?
foot rub/foot worship: 250 donation for an hour. if you’re good, really good, maybe I will let you show me on yourself how grateful you are.
world domination: 350 donation for an hour. this is for those who want to have something more psychological. see below for ideas. you may be able to show me how grateful you are on yourself but that’s up to me.
body worship (me) 400 donation for an hour.I like being doted on. my boys are always allowed to show me how good that made them feel if they do a good job. or banished until next time

something different (for the shy boys): I am quite adept at romance and creating a romantic atmosphere. I enjoy human connection and giving reiki as well.I offer a special for people who just want to explore themselves but are too shy to dive in. it’s 250/hr for mutual pleasure side by side and a lot of intimacy: eye contact, touching, holding and the like. on ourselves next to each other. inquire for more details:

I prefer developing long term relationships and give access to my secret menu with those I trust. that includes more intense switch play and other things that involve trust, relinquishing some control. I want to explore, discuss openly, have fun, take my time. I am not trying to “control” you. I am trying to dance with you. that’s why I start every session with reiki and conversation, so we can figure out what you like and we can play. I have toys at every session and am always looking to expand my toy chest. if it’s up to me, I’ll do what I want every time and have a GREAT time. SPEAK! oh, hypnosis comes w every package. πŸ˜‰


things to consider:
–the edge
–NO and WAIT and BEG
–mind control
–the endless tease
–role playing
–the art of conversation
–tell me im a queen and touch me
–hours of touching
–I’m your girlfriend
–talk, no touch
–hands on/hands off
–rope play (2 hour minimum)
–light ribbon tease
–blindfold play
–light scratch or hit or shock
–you’re not allowed to move
–talking shit to you/humiliation/degradation
–I am not allowed to move
–talking to my boyfriend while you worship me
–taking selfies and vids in front of you while you worship me
–talking to my friends while you worship me
–altar, tarot, candles, magic, spells
–wax work
–I am your actual girlfriend, treat me like that.
—-eye contact
–use this part of your body only
–tease tease tease
–secret sharing
–confession and punishment
–cashapp notification first, then another, then another–ah that’s right. 
–watch this: asmr
–golden sprinkles (extra)
—worship my body now and then stop.
—micro dose
–herbal baths
–herbal infusions
—cuddle party
–what do you like?
–talk and light touch the whole time
–watch me with this person
–three or four is not a crowd

all these things go better with gifts, in person or online. it’s never the wrong time to send a healer an extra thank you.

video/phone healing (20% off if you join or visit my store:

I offer long distance healing and ways to get to know me before you meet me. I create personalized vids for people too. see below for details and email me with requests. personalized vids are special arrangements.

Personalized vids:

15.00-personalized ten minute video
20.00: personalized fifteen minute video
30.00: personalized twenty minute video
50.00: personalized thirty minute video
75.00: personalized forty five minute long video
100.00: personalized hour long video
** I offer raffles and deals randomly. send request and deposit with email. no back and forth without deposit.

LIVE Phone Chat:

2.99 per minute, 10 minute minimum

LIVE Video Chat:
50.00/15 minutes
100/30 minutes
150.00/45 minutes
200.00/1 hr.

or join my only fans: for 12.99 a month to see special pics and vids. I offer lots of little games on there too. no live, requests only with tips. 20% discount on video and phone chats if you join.

get in this witch’s favor. start serving me today: and fill out my autoscreening response.


all bookings require a 100.00 deposit. unless I am advertising as hosting, it is 50.00 extra to book a time with me that is not advertised. no refunds on deposits unless I cancel. half to full gets you a personalized video.

deposit now, email later: or $catkush